Using Skills

Skills are the bread and butter of "doing stuff" in an SGS game.

In D&D, each skill is usually a specific, predefined set of things you can try.

SGS turns that around and asks, for a given task you want to accomplish, what skill works best?

Each skill is made up of a skill name and a primary stat. When you roll your skill, you add your skill and the tagged primary stat to the roll. If you're using an equipment item or power that also has that skill, you add that item's skill bonus to your roll as well.

It's possible for the GM to swap out the primary stat for a specific skill check. They may ask for a Fitness based Arcana to hold up a warding spell under onslaught, for example.

When you use a skill, you're usually performing an Action. See Actions & Outcomes to see how exactly they work.

Example Skill List


  • Business: Knowledge
  • Arts: Creativity
  • Crafts: Creativity
  • Medicine: Knowledge
  • Navigation: Creativity
  • Religion: Knowledge
  • Science: Knowledge
  • Survival: Creativity
  • Lore: Knowledge


  • Block: Fitness
  • Combat Sense: Perception
  • Dodge: Agility
  • Endurance: Fitness
  • Gunnery: Perception
  • Hand To Hand: Fitness
  • Heavy Weapons: Fitness
  • Melee: Agility
  • Archery: Agility


  • Acrobatics: Agility
  • Athletics: Fitness
  • Investigate: Perception
  • Notice: Perception
  • Stealth: Creativity


  • Deceive: Influence
  • Empathy: Perception
  • Etiquette: Knowledge
  • Leadership: Influence
  • Provoke: Influence
  • Rapport: Influence
  • Streetwise: Influence


  • Arcana: Knowledge
  • Sorcery: Willpower
  • Conjuration: Influence
  • Hedge Magic: Creativity