Aspects & Flaws

Aspects are short descriptive phrases about entities, the scene, or objects in the scene. Examples might be "Magic-Resistant Hide" or "Super-Powered Strength" or "Currently Burning Down."

Flaws are a type of aspect too.

Aspects and Flaws are deeply tied into Tokens.

Valid Aspects

Reliability Useless Weak Average Strong Unbeatable
Never No No No No No
Occasionally No Far Too Weak Too Weak PERFECT No
Sometimes No Too Weak PERFECT Too Strong No
Usually No PERFECT Too Strong Far Too Strong No
Always No No No No No

Good aspects imply a lot of story, but aren't so widely applicable that you get to use them every time you try to do something. They also should avoid implying that you're unbeatable at something, as that won't reflect how you can actually use your tokens and aspects to modify your rolls.

Good flaws also imply a lot of story, but aren't so widely applicable that they cripple your character's ability to do things.

Aspects and flaws aren't just for use during rolls. They're excellent fodder for roleplaying opportunities! Use them to inform what a character or entity acts like in the game.


  • Magic-Resistant Hide
  • Excels at Puzzles and Games
  • Weakness for a Pretty Face
  • Pursued by the Triad