The actual nuts and bolts of playing an SGS game.

  • Campaign Setup Game Genre The first thing to decide is usually what kind of game your group will play.
  • Character Creation In SGS, many of the steps of character creation can occur simmultaneously, or back-and-forth.
  • Character Tips This section focuses on ways to make your character more effective in the game.
  • Core Mechanic The core mechanic in a TTRPG is the main die roll used to for task resolution.
  • Using Skills Skills are the bread and butter of "doing stuff" in an SGS game.
  • Actions & Outcomes What Skill and Stat are applicable to a given roll are not the only parts of a roll.
  • Aspects & Flaws Aspects are short descriptive phrases about entities, the scene, or objects in the scene.
  • Using Tokens Tokens are kind of currency that SGS uses to make the game more exciting and allow characters to perform actions that they wouldn't normally be able to accomplish.
  • Conflicts Conflicts in SGS take the same basic format as many other TTRPGs, organizing the action into discrete rounds and turns.