Sgs Console

The console app allows you to build characters & items in a command line interface, and also allows you to parse and calculate a hand-written markdown file.

As with all the other SGS apps, Console operates on a storage file in the markdown (*.md) format. That file contains all the rules of the game and the game entities, including creatures, characters, items, powers, vehicles, etc.


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There are 3 ways to use SGSConsole.exe.

Double-click Mode

Yes, it finally works. Just double-click SGSConsole.exe and it will offer a list of files. These are files that exist in the same folder as SGSConsole.exe. You can also create a new file, or open an existing one by feeding it a path.

After selecting a file, SGSConsole will start interactive mode.

Interactive Mode

In Interactive Mode, you can type commands into the command line, and SGSConsole.exe will parse those commands and perform operations on your chosen markdown (.md) file.

To use Interactive Mode, either open a new command prompt, navigate to where SGSConsole.exe is, and enter SGSConsole.exe --interactive, or double-click on the interactive-fantasy.bat batch file, which does the same thing automatically for you.

Drag & Drop Mode

In Drag & Drop Mode, you write your content (game rules, items, creatures, characters, etc) in the markdown file directly, then drag your markdown file onto SGSConsole.exe. This will cause SGSConsole.exe to parse and recalculate your markdown file, then save out a new version with the updated data. It also spits out a backup of the file before it parses, just in case it makes a mistake. That way, you won't lose data unless you delete your backup files.