Example Formulas

These are all taken from an older version of the fantasy sample rules.

  • Physical Graze: Max(Acrobatics, Athletics, Combat Sense, Dodge)
  • Physical Wound: (Physical Graze+Best(Armor))
  • Physical Trauma: (Physical Wound+((Fitness+Endurance)/2))
  • Mental Graze: (Sum(Etiquette, Rapport, Streetwise, Deceive)/2)
  • Mental Wound: (Mental Graze+Average(Influence, Willpower))
  • Mental Trauma: (Mental WoundΓ—2)
  • Health: Sum((Average(Fitness, Willpower)/2), Average(Endurance, Athletics, Survival, Hand To Hand), 2)
  • Mind: ((Sum(Willpower, Knowledge, Creativity, Religion, Survival, Leadership, Streetwise, Arcana, Sorcery, Conjuration, Hedge Magic)/5)+2)