Base Rules

When designing your own game or campaign of SGS, it's often useful to start with a set of base rules. We offer a few generic rules files along with our applications, or you can preview and download one of them from the sample files.


Why would you want to use a set of base rules?

  • It's expeditious to start with some existing content
  • You might find a sample file that mostly matches what you want to do
  • You just want to set up a campaign, not a whole new game
  • You've never created any content for SGS before and want to see how it works first
  • You like the way that the generated stats of a rules set work, or don't want to mess with creating and balancing the formulas yourself


Why would you want to avoid using a set of base rules?

  • You don't want to use the stat, skill, or dice values of any of the available sets
  • You want to build something new
  • You have a crazy idea for a game that doesn't fit well into an existing rules set
  • You plan to completely rewrite the generated stats or formulas
  • This ain't your first rodeo and you want to see what SGS can really do

Using a Base Rule Set

When you use a base rule set, you're not locking yourself into a specific set of entities or rules. The BRS is there to give you a jumping-off point. You can change whatever you want for your own game, of course. But some things will be easier to change than others. The deeper the rules, the more work it'll generally be to change them. Conversely, changing some entities and switching out some skills will be comparatively easy.

Kinds of Changes

These are listed in order of likely complexity from simple to difficult.

  • create new entities
  • modify existing entities
  • Add/remove/change skills
  • Add/remove/change tactical stats
  • Add/remove/change primary stats
  • Change formula of threhsolds or pools

When renaming the stats of the game, it's a good idea to use Find/Replace to swap all the skill names at the same time. We're working on making the apps fault-tolerant, but it is a bit easy to mess things up.

Ensuring Completeness

Make sure your new rule set

  • Has pools and thresholds
  • Allows for many types of characters
  • Doesn't load up one stat on too many skills or generated stats
  • Has enough skills for the players to use all the skills in their starting bracket