Adding Entities

Entities are based on the the rules of the SGS game you're adding it to, and therefore you can't make an entity without game rules. If you want to create entities for a game, but you haven't selected any base rules or set up all new game rules yet, you should pause here and go set up your rules first. Then, once you've got some game rules, come back and start on your entities.

This page is listed before the meat of the game rules pages so that people who just want to add a new sword to the existing storage file can do so without having to read all the game design documentation.


  • Why to add a new entity
    • You need a very specific new main villain or miniboss
    • You want to add a new special power or item not covered by what's available
  • Why not to add a new entity
    • You want a different brand of gun or sword
    • There's an existing entity that works but has the wrong name
    • You want to change the goblin's sword to a shiv1


It should generally be apparent from your intent whether the entity you want to create is a character, monster, item, weapon, armor, etc. Some of those things will have their own actions, while other will have none. This will also get you thinking about whether the entity needs equipment or sub-entities to fully flesh out, or whether it can stand alone.

Reference Material

It's a good idea ti start with some reference material too. It doesn't need to be a big deal. You can just keep these ideas in your head, or you can jot them down in your notes. Good sources for reference include:

  • Existing entities
  • Starting Bracket
  • Media appearances
  • External rules sets or games

Target Value

Early in the process you'll also want to define what the target value of your entity is. If it's a monster, should it be better or worse than a starting PC? By how much? If it's an item, should a starting PC be able to take it or is it far too valuable?

Keep a rough idea of the target value handy, so that you can massage the stats to reach that value.

Aspects as Needed

Does the entity need any aspects or flaws? These go a long way to describing the unusual properties of objects & creatures, so it's a great place to put that information if the entity is intended to be unusual. Conversely, if it's intended to be somewhat generic (a generic enemy minion, for example) then consider going easy on the aspects so that you don't have to keep half a dozen in mind when running them.

Applicable Stats

What stats does the entity need?

  • Weapon
    • Damage value
    • Possibly a bonus to a skill that it'd be wielded with, if it's accurate
    • Possibly an extra skill or two if the weapon is useful in other ways, like a magic wand that deals damage and creates light
  • Armor
    • Armor value
    • Possibly bonuses to defensive combat stats like Block
  • Tool
    • Several non-combat skills
    • Probably one or more aspects
  • Creature/Character
    • A few good primaries
    • A few important skills
    • Thresholds and pools for likely conflicts
    • Speed
    • Additional tactical stats to represent its attacks if you don't want to assign in specific equipment

Generated Stats

You will, of course, want to calculate the entity's generated statistics in advance, and note them in the stat block. If you're using one of the apps it'll do this for you, as long as the stats are assigned.

Finishing Touches

Now's a good time to go back over the entity and check that everything came out the way you wanted. Adjust stats to hit the target value, fine tune anything that seems complicated or out of place. Make sure you've got the stat block written down somewhere, and you're ready to roll!

  1. Prison goblins are the worst. ↩︎