SGS a toolkit for making games. In this section, you'll learn how to use SGS to craft your own game or campaign, and how to generate all kinds of entities besides just Player Chararacters.

  • Adding Entities Entities are based on the the rules of the SGS game you're adding it to, and therefore you can't make an entity without game rules.
  • Base Rules When designing your own game or campaign of SGS, it's often useful to start with a set of base rules.
  • Main Die The Main Die is the die used for skill checks. Whenever a player rolls a skill check, the Main Die is rolled and modifiers for Skill, Stat, Equipment, and Tokens are added.
  • Picking Primaries Primary Statistics define what the important traits are in an SGS game.
  • Picking Skills Like your Primary Stats, the skills of your game represent what the focus of your game is.
  • Starting Bracket The starting bracket is the set of stats and attributes that you give to PCs at the start of their game.
  • Setting Defenses Now things are going to get a bit complicated. You're about to do some meaty game-design work here.
  • Formula Operators SGS uses a specific set of operators to define the stat formulas.
  • Building Formulas The challenge with building formulas is to get to the target number you want while A) not using any stats or skills that don't relate to the stat being calculated and B) balancing the contribution of each of the stats so that the ones that should make the most difference do so.
  • Example Formulas These are all taken from an older version of the fantasy sample rules.
  • Calculating The Ladder See this page for what ladders are and how to use them.